Return 2 Life Pilates is owned and managed by Renate van Dyk, who will also be your Pilates instructor.
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Renate completed a diploma in early childcare development and children with special needs. From there, she studied occupational therapy and naturally became attracted to the Pilates method, which before the fitness and dancing world embraced it, received international acclaim for rehabilitation of injuries and illness.
She completed a three year course at the Xtreme Gymnasium Pilates Studio in McGregor, focusing on the Classic Method developed by Joseph Pilates, and studied this technique with a meticulous attention to detail. During her study years she worked in a close-knit team of professionals, which included a medical doctor, radiologist, health-shop owner and a personal trainer. She completed more than 1000 hours of practical sessions, which included observation in the field, working with a number of athletes, children, the elderly and clients with serious rehabilitation issues.


In 2011 Renate moved to Johannesburg, where she gained experience at studios in Ruimsig and Fourways before opening her own studio in Northcliff in December 2012.

Return 2 Life Pilates clients are typically mature, family orientated entrepreneurs and veteran sportspeople who enjoy fantastic results from cross-training with Pilates. Renate aims to help clients gain back their sense of self, and the playful, natural approach to movement which we so easily lose.

Renate believes in the transformative potential that Pilates has to help people from all levels of ability to get pain relief and successfully rehabilitate injuries while building an incredibly strong core and achieving freedom of movement in every aspect of their daily lives.


In her free-time, Renate practices Bujinkan (a form of Ninjutsu / Japanese martial art) and enjoys canoeing, swimming and horseback riding. She has recently started studying Mandarin and loves spending time with her family and friends.