Comprehensive approach

“Having dealt with Renate in a professional capacity, I have been very impressed with her comprehensive approach to her work.

She goes the extra mile to understand each client’s medical history and customises exercise routines for each individual to optimize recovery from injury and sustain well- being.

It is without hesitation that I refer clients to Return 2 Life Pilates.”

—Dr Delia Palmer Owen, Chiropractor

Improved suppleness

“Upon completion of physiotherapy treatment for a work related back injury, my husband and I decided to embark on Pilates with Renate in order to improve our suppleness and general wellbeing and have not been disappointed.”

—     Sue and Ken Bidgood

Healed naturally

“In 2009, I injured myself during training at martial arts. My shoulder and spine were compromised and I experienced a chronic burning sensation in my right chest muscle. My doctor and physiotherapist viewed the problem in isolation without picking up the misalignment of my spine.  The treatment was focused on pain relief of the muscle spasm through pain medication and therapeutic massage, but did not solve the problem in the long term. At training I spoke to a fellow martial artist and teacher of Pilates (Renate), that noticed the misalignment of my shoulder blades and upper spine and she suggested that I started Pilates classes to address the problem.

During my sessions, I learned to perform specific exercises on the step barrel that assisted with strengthening my core while releasing the extreme rigidity in my upper body. Over time, my strength, suppleness and body alignment improved to the extent where I could perform a variety of mat work exercises and the pain I was experiencing in my right chest muscle disappeared.

Renate assisted me with the various exercises showing patience for the things I could not do at first and pushing me in a friendly manner to the point where my injury healed naturally and to this day gives me no more problems. The rehabilitation of my injury was accompanied by a dramatic improvement in my fitness levels and understanding of my dynamic alignment, which greatly benefited my martial arts training.

I would recommend Pilates to anyone to assist in healing of an injury or just for fun and fitness.

Renate is a knowledgeable and friendly instructor who gives personal attention; she also knows how to challenge you when needed to ensure you get the best out of each session.”

—     Greg Cadman (Analyst Programmer)

Living normal again

“In 2012, I was in a coma after a life threatening situation. Eight months later, I left the hospital 28 kilograms lighter with no inner core strength. I discovered Pilates through recommendation by my physiotherapist, and found it helpful in my process to rebuilding my core.

Renate’s detailed knowledge of the muscles of the body and where to begin with me; as well as her patience and kindness has resulted in my progress to date. I can walk, drive, shop – live like a normal person again. Thanks Renate.”

—Neville Els (Retired, 61 years)

“I am convinced that by working on core strength, flexibility and correct breathing techniques during my sessions with Renate, I experienced no back-ache or leg cramps and felt really strong for the duration of both my pregnancies. An added bonus was that my post-pregnancy tummy went flat a lot faster that I thought it would.”

—     ML (42 years)

Worth every bit of effort

“I ended up with Renate, because my son decided I needed an assessment and booked me an appointment. I dragged myself to this session with the enthusiasm of a sheep being led to slaughter, just to find that it is fun and despite my doubts, I could actually do some of the things asked of me.

Today I feel much healthier, much more motivated and I don’t feel many of the aches and pains that was my daily burden. It has been worth every bit of effort that has been asked of me.”

—     Hilda du Toit (Marketing manager)


Stronger, more mobile and flexible

“A physiotherapist and fellow client of Return 2 Life Pilates studio referred me while treating me for a slipped disc in my back. The pain fortunately went away after a month of doing Pilates twice a week.

The backache made me act on my resolve to be strong, mobile and flexible as I age because I see many old people who are to some degree disabled because of muscle weakness and stiffness, which limit their mobility.

I find Pilates ideal for this purpose. I am getting stronger and suppler and hope to do Pilates with Renate as long as I can.

I like her approach and style and enjoy my lessons with this friendly, kind, warmhearted and pleasant young woman who know so much about the body, muscles and suitable exercises.”

—      Henriëtte Lategan (Newseditor, 59 years)

easier movement, no more pain

“At the end of January 2012, I fractured my first and second lumbar vertebrae in a skydiving accident. The pain I endured was beyond belief.

Taking into account the concerns of both my doctor and neurosurgeon, I thought that life as I knew it was over. I have completed a number of ultra-distance running races in my younger days and was still fairly fit, so this information did not go down well. My physically demanding job entails climbing up ladders, carrying heavy tool boxes and walking on uneven roofs and it was essential that I recovered from my accident as quickly as possible.

Our family chiropractor recommended that I participate in Pilates to strengthen the core muscles to support the spine after the brace came off, and for pain relief.

Three months later, I started Pilates with Renate. At first, doing simple exercises was painful and took a great deal of effort. With a lot of encouragement, care and above all, patience, there were a lot of small improvements. Before long, the exercises that originally seemed so difficult and took so much effort, were easier.

I have now been doing Pilates for almost two years. The encouragement and patience are still there, and the routine is never the same or boring.

I have benefitted from this treatment, and would refer anyone to at Return 2 Life Pilates.”

—Thomas O’Connor (professional bird-proofer, 53 years)